“…To foster and maintain among its sons a spirit of fraternity…”

As our creed states, Brotherhood is the bond that holds our fraternity together. Every day, the fraternity aims to strengthen this bond by offering unique, diverse, and entertaining events. In addition to providing events that involve the entire brotherhood, we also look to support brothers in their individual interests.


During our college experience Sammys promote brotherhood, unity, and friendship through campus activities, trips, and weekly events. Some events from this previous year include mud tug with the brothers of the ΣΑΜ Delta Omega (RIT) chapter, NYC trips, poker nights, weekly basketball games, snow tube sliding, and much more. This coming semester has many events planned such as camping, sky diving, paintballing, trips to Canada, fishing, skiing/snowboarding, attending a shooting range, and white water rafting just to name a few.

While brotherhood consists of fun outings and fostering friendships, this is a brotherhood for life. We have many active local alumni since our founding in 2002, as well as national alumni since its founding in 1909, and both are willing to help guide fellow brothers on the path to excellence. I personally have had the pleasure to meet and have gotten to know every member in my family line up to the founding father. Not many fraternities can offer that.

If you think forming bonds like this may appeal to you and want to learn more about the brothers of Sigma Alpha Mu please continue to check out the website, and don’t forget to check out the Recruitment page and fill out a Rush Contact Sheet. We look forward to getting to know you.

Fraternally yours,
Peter Mitchell & Bailey Chapin

Brotherhood Chairmen